A multi category vocational training centre for adolescents and adults. The multi-category section began in April, 1973. Young adults with IDD are provided training in various vocational skills like Weaving, Carpentry; Computer learning, Candle making, Paper products, Pottery and Tailoring at this centre.

The trainees who achieve moderate levels of skills at Pragati and are able to work under minimum supervision are given an opportunity to work at various sections at the sheltered workshop.

Carpentry section : Toys, Craft items, Learning tools for kids and other Teaching aids are produced

Weaving section: Door mats, Shopping bags, Kitchen towels, and swabs are made

Candle section: Candles and Diyas for various occasions and celebrations are made

Paper section : Handmade paper, Paper bags, Envelopes, Greeting cards and other paper products are made

Pottery section: Clay pots, Diyas and other items are made

Tailoring section: Handbags, Purses, Dusters, Aprons and many other products are made

PVC section : Files, Folders and Pouches of various shapes/sizes are produced

The products made in these sections are popular at the exhibitions/sales held at corporate premises and charity bazaars. The trainees get small amount of stipend/incentive every month giving them a sense of empowerment.