Mission : " To educate, train and rehabilitate intellectually challenged individuals and support their families towards a better quality of life for all."

A film capturing the COVID-19 Relief work at AMC since 24-03-2020

Gratitude from our parents



Most of the families of AMC beneficiaries are from weaker economic strata of the society and depend on their daily wages for their livelihoods. The situation due to Covid-19 has only aggravated their distress. AMC Committee has been responding by door delivering kits with essential groceries, protein powder, educational materials, weaving, kasuti and other vocational training kits to the beneficiaries at their respective homes. AMC staff, professionals and members are constantly in touch offering periodic counselling and ensuring the timely medications for the beneficiaries.

Your Donation will make a difference to these individuals with special needs and their families whose lives are severely affected by the pandemic.

Please contact +91 8277627197 for information regarding CSR partnership, donations and your support to various programmes at AMC.