The families have constant challenge of caring and supporting the intellectually challenged throughout the life. Recognizing this need, the goal of Samruddhi programme is to strengthen and enrich the families of the beneficiaries. The mission is to develop a model of life long support to these families.

AMC is working with Professionals, Volunteers and Self-Help groups to develop technology enabled platforms to provide various services to the families of its beneficiaries and handhold them.

Under Samruddhi, AMC is making a humble attempt to empower the mothers of the beneficiaries by training them in various vocations and make them employable. The stipend they take home is giving them the much needed financial empowerment.


Parents of the beneficiaries of AMC have formed a parent Self Help Group. The group works to support each other and enhance the caring skills of the family members to meet the needs of their wards. This group is being ably led by two of the Committee Members who ensure that various benefits and supports available from the Government reaches the families.