A Day Care facility is maintained by AMC for individuals with severe IDD. They are looked after and cared by trained staff and engaged in occupational therapy like arranging the beads, sanding the wood, creating balls of yarn and watering plants.

Childguidance Clinic: A team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Social workers visit monthly to provide comprehensive assessment and guidance to the staff and parents of our beneficiaries.

The proximity to NIMHANS helps us in maintaining strong professional link and AMC is getting assistance and co-operation in all areas such as assessment, consultation and guidance from NIMHANS on regular basis.


The beneficiaries are engaged in various physical, cultural and outdoor activities like:

Sports/Physical Training

Celebrations of Festivals

Sports day

Yoga Sessions

Laughter Therapy

Picnics/Educational Excursions/Exhibitions

Cultural Programmes

Art/Painting Workshops