A school for educating children with special needs within the age group of 4-16 years. Every child is examined and evaluated by a psychiatrist and clinical psychologist before admission. Clinical report of each child is maintained in the school. There is a regular follow up of the progress with the family members and the staff of AMC.

In the classroom, children are grouped according to their mental age and the language they speak. The curriculum aims at the independence of the child in practical everyday activities. Importance is given to the development of self expression.

Physical training, music, singing, dancing, yoga, painting, hand work and gardening are part of the curriculum. General knowledge is taught as is appropriate for each child. The children frequently enjoy picnics or outings of educative value.

Milk and mid-day meals are given to all the children. The staff consists of qualified and experienced special educators. There are regular parent/ teacher/doctor meetings. The school is maintained with the help from Karnataka Government and the generous contributions from the public.