Mission : " To educate, train and rehabilitate intellectually challenged individuals and support their families towards a better quality of life for all."
"What the family needs is a wraparound programme of support throughout the life cycle"

The Association For The Mentally Challenged (AMC)

The Association For The Mentally Challenged (AMC) is the oldest registered charitable organization dedicated in enhancing the lives of the intellectually challenged persons in Karnataka and second national level institution serving this group of citizens of the country.

About 2% of the population have an IQ of 70 and less. In India it is estimated that these belong to all social groups. Intellectual challenged have delayed development and difficulties in coping with the social demands appropriate to their age. A very important need of these individuals and the families caring for them was expressed by a parent:

It is this recognition of the special needs of the intellectually challenged individuals and their families, throughout the life cycle, that AMC has been working on during the last 57 years.

Today AMC is supporting about 170 children, adolescents and adults. AMC has been lending its services free of charge to benefit the intellectually challenged coming from the weaker sections of the society. 90% of the beneficiaries of AMC are from families belonging to the lower income group.



Over 90% of the beneficiaries at AMC hail from poor families. The services provided to beneficiaries at AMC are free of cost . Apart from receiving education and vocational training , they also are served milk, vitamins, mid-day meals, uniform and transport. To continue these activities, AMC needs support from the public.